Dear All,

My job as our Group’s Managing Director is to ensure the we, as a business, navigate troubled times with as much stability and positivity as possible, yet at all times, remain honest to my team and our much-valued clients.

From the positivity side of things, my message is clear. The Maxim’s Group will survive and not only that, we will survive with the staff we had prior to COVID-19. Currently no staff are stood down and It is my absolute hope that as things start to return to normal, their work rotations will become a little more frequent than what they are currently experiencing.

Again, as I have said previously, The Maxim’s Group staff are shining beacons of light in the travel industry. Our industry, which we love, is experiencing one of its darkest periods yet the commitment, professionalism and adaptability of my team amazes me and fills me with nothing but pride.

With recent announcements by major industry identities, it seems the travel industry has a long way to go. Airlines, Hotels, Travel Management Companies (both big and small) will not survive this crisis or if they do, they will emerge a bruised and battered version of their previous self. The stark reality of our new normal may well be that it resembles nothing of the old normal.

What I can say is that The Maxim’s Group has a strong balance sheet and we will weather the storm for however long it takes to pass. I am extremely confident that our new normal will in some way resemble our old normal – the only difference being that Australia will be the destination of choice for the foreseeable future.

As travel businesses review their overall strategies and capabilities, rest assured that whatever division of The Maxim’s Group that you work with, each and every one of my team are here and ready to assist you.

I wish you all good health and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the not too distant future.

Stay well

Christopher Goddard
Group Managing Director