The Maxim’s Group (TMG) is excited to announce that we have committed to an additional 2 year lease at our existing premises.

During the pandemic, many businesses have transitioned to a “work from home model” because of economic pressures, government lockdowns or a business realignment. TMG was not immune from this change and since the commencement of the pandemic, work from home orders were initiated.

As a business leader in the the industry, it is my firm belief though that despite the current working from home format, it is not a sustainable model for the longer term. We need a place to gather, collaborate and interact ensuring that all of our staff are at their absolute best. Because of this, and despite extremely volatile business conditions, TMG has committed to our staff, clients and suppliers by maintaining a physical presence in the Sydney CBD.

We look forward to business slowly returning to normal conditions and, as always, are here to assist our partners in any way we possibly can.